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LECUDO-USA site is a web portal for the sons and daughters of Lebang – united and committed to the Development of Lebang Fondom in the United States of America. LECUDO-USA is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization representing the interest of the Lebang people of Lebialem Africa. The organization was founded in 1982 for the Development and Improvement of the Lebang people and fondom in Cameroon.

The American affiliate, created in 1994, is a 501c, non-profit organization. LECUDO, with the mother branch in Cameroon, has chapters and representation in twenty-one countries, including the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Canada, The Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, and other nations. The organization is dedicated to promoting the social, cultural, educational, and developmental well being of the Lebang dynasty in the Diaspora.

The website is a showcase of the lebang people, its rich heritage, evolving culture, and some the activities of LECUDO-USA. It is an avenue to learn more about LECUDO-USA and how you can support the mission and vision of the organization.

We hope that you will find the information posted here both informative and rewarding. You are welcome to contribute or to make constructive comments. Please come back often to learn and to support our efforts in the development of the struggling masses in Lebang. We look forward to collaborating with you.

What We Do?

Some of our Projects



LECUDO-USA continues to carry out development projects in partnership with other Lecudo branches and village associations. LECUDO has funded the construction of the Fontem – Ngundeng – Dschang road, the Manjoh bridge and other bridges along that road, the maintenance of the Fontem Dschang- road and the upgrading of the Azi Health Center. Lecudo has assisted in improvement of schools, pipe borne water projects, health centers, and farm to market roads in the Fondom.

The organization, in its humanitarian effort, is assisting IDP during the sociopolitical crisis in the nation. We regret the hardship and the devastation taking place in our home.

LECUDO-USA executes projects in Lebang in fulfillment of its mission as a nonprofit development organization for the Lebang people. LECUDO-USA enjoys a 501(C) status and your donations towards our noble causes are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please, donation generously.



Our Misson

LECUDO-USA (United and Committed to the Development of Lebang Fondom) is organized for the purposes of:

1: Uniting persons originating from Lebang in the diaspora so they maintain contact and stimulate their interest to stay engaged in the well-being of themselves and their Division.

2: Educating both young and old by enhancing the preservation of Lebang and Nweh culture through research and publication.

3: Assisting in the rehabilitation of sanitary public infrastructure, including schools, roads, or hospitals, in Lebang.

4. Providing access to community development facilities and services in Lebang.

LECUDO-USA is organized under the Maryland Nonprofit Corporation code with perpetual existence and with headquarters in Washington DC. LECUDO-USA has graciously counted on the generosity of loyal members, friends, and well-wishers who have funded its many projects.



This Section is a showcase of the Lebialem traditional performances in audio-video format. The clips are selected from various copyrighted sources. The copyright belongs to the producers and not to LECUDO-USA. We thank all those who have contributed clips and hope other producers will consider sending the web administrator more current and varied clips for inclusion. Please, enjoy these videos and support the mission and vision of the organization.

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